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Malgosia Bela’s Latest Cover Proves Vogue Ukraine Is One to Watch

Vogue Ukraine often doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves, yet for most of this year, our forums have been singing the magazine’s praises. For October 2017, the Ukrainian fashion bible welcomes back Malgosia Bela for another successful cover shoot. Photographed by Chris Colls, the Polish beauty and team deliver a raw and unconventional series of images.

Vogue Ukraine October 2017 : Malgosia Bela by Chris Colls


Our forum members were left in awe. “Unconventional and raw. I’m loving what I see!” Valentine27 approved at once.

“I love it. I think it’s a great cover, the styling works, the layout works, Malgosia is amazing as always. It has a [Steven] Klein vibe but more polished IMO which makes me like it even more,” added kokobombon.

“I love this! Vogue Ukraine really steps outside the box on their covers and it pays off,” commented lelaid.

In agreement how terrific everything turned out was Benn98: “Sexy and stoic, laced with art. They’re doing the best covers right now of all the Vogues without a doubt!”

“In my personal dictionary, the word ‘Malgosia’ has come to mean ‘elevating the mundane into something worth looking at’,” complimented tigerrouge, crediting Malgosia’s modeling expertise.

Sharing the same sentiments was bonafied Malgosia fan, cul8tr. “Malgosia is the best. Still can’t get enough of her!” he stated.

Narcyza even went as far as to declare: “It’s the best cover this year! Małgosia looks just stunning. I’m in love in Vogue Ukraine lately.”

“Honestly this is the only Vogue edition whose covers I really look forward to seeing every single time. Whether the aesthetic is my cup of tea or not, I feel like I’m always pleasantly surprised. I really hope they maintain this quality,” voiced marsnoop2.

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