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Dakota Johnson’s Stiff and Uncomfortable Vogue Spain Cover Misses the Mark

Vogue Spain practically received a standing ovation on our forums last month for its Bella Hadid cover (after she’d covered just about every other edition of Vogue for September with mixed success). Now, Dakota Johnson (current muse of Alessandro Michele) fronts the October 2017 issue, playing coy while wearing a rhinestone-covered Gucci (obvi) bodysuit in the cover image lensed by Emma Summerton. Was the cover enough to continue the magazine’s winning streak?

Vogue España October 2017 : Dakota Johnson by Emma Summerton


Unfortunately, the cover wasn’t enough to please our forum members. “What an odd and random choice and what a try-hard cover. Are they Lui now? Reminds me of a cheaper version of that Linda Evangelista cover by Meisel for Vogue Italia. And why does it look as if she were added to the photo? The head and shadows look so fake,” said MON at once.

“This could have been a stellar cover with a great model and better execution,” pointed out KissMiss.

Also disapproving of the cover was Handbag Queen. “What the hell? She looks ridiculous,” she exclaimed in horror.

“I think it was a great concept, it’s time for something sensual from Dakota so I’m sold on the idea. Just a pity it looks so odd. Her in front of the door, unobscured would have been much better,” voiced an underwhelmed Benn98.

“I like the concept but IMO, the execution failed big time and the layout just made it worse,” critiqued kokobombon.

“Good idea but just ended up looking a little bit strange,” forum member 333101 echoed.

In agreement over how questionable the cover turned out was dodencebt: “I wish I could like it but Dakota is so stiff and uncomfortable.”

“How bizarre, and she looks so uncomfortable! And the stiff hand! But I like the font, and the blue and the orange masthead,” reasoned t-rex.

Stay tuned for what else the issue has to offer and join the conversation here.