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What Did Vogue Turkey Do to Natasha Poly on the October 2017 Cover?

Rarely does Natasha Poly disappoint, whether she’s stomping down a catwalk, gracing the advertising campaign of a major fashion brand or fronting the cover of Vogue. She’s certainly no stranger to Vogue with 55 cover appearances under her Gucci belt. Her latest, for Vogue Turkey’s October 2017 issue, isn’t quite what you would expect from the seasoned pro. Photographed by Blommers & Schumm, Natasha tries her best to model her way through the atrocious styling in the gaudy cover image, complete with a horrific hairstyle to make matters even worse.

Vogue Turkey October 2017 : Natasha Poly by Blommers & Schumm


Per usual, our forum members weren’t afraid to call out the magazine. “I’m honestly not sure it could look any worse than this,” voiced a dumbfounded dodencebt the moment the cover came to light.

“CRIMPED HAIR? These are truly dark times we are living in,” added VogueDisciple93.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Someone got fired over this, right?” ThatDudeOverTher asked.

Also left shaking their head was long-time Natasha fan zacastecas570: “Yes, this is bad. I’m sorry Natasha. She has 54 better Vogue covers!”

“Well, it’s the worst cover of Natasha ever. Everything here is wrong!” exclaimed narcyza.

“Natasha deserves better than this!” rightfully demanded forum member Breathless.

Zoom couldn’t believe his eyes either. “Embarrassing that this ever made it to print. I would be horrified if I were Poly. The entire team behind this Halloween cover should be promptly fired,” he ranted.

“Her other Vogue Turkey covers are so good and they give her this? This is sooooooooo terrible,” khyrk echoed.

I think we’re all in agreement that someone needs to take the blame for this mess. Join the protest here.