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Lauren Hutton Is the Perfect Choice to Cover Vogue Italia’s October Issue Dedicated to Women Over 60

Vogue Italia’s new editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti certainly isn’t shy about pushing boundaries and putting his stamp on the fashion glossy. He has already redesigned the entire magazine and put same-sex models kissing on the September cover and now, he dedicates the recently unveiled October issue to women over 60, featuring none other than Lauren Hutton on the cover. With a total of 40 Vogue cover appearances throughout her career, the 73-year-old all-American beauty was photographed by Italian Vogue regular Steven Klein, showing everyone else how it’s truly done on not one, but three tremendous covers for ‘The Timeless Issue.’

Vogue Italia October 2017 : Lauren Hutton by Steven Klein


Our forum members couldn’t wait to share their opinions. “Absolutely fantastic!” praised an ecstatic clo the moment the covers dropped earlier today.

“AMAZING! Lauren is fantastic! Steven Klein has been delivering the best issues of Vogue Italia all year,” raved mepps.

Also an admirer was forum member madzedre: “This looks like the old Vogue Italia, I think the new EIC is getting a grip now.”

Marc10, however, simply wasn’t here for it. “It’s a good concept and fantastic to see Lauren, but the execution is lacking for me. It just looks a bit garish. [Steven] Meisel would’ve made magic with this,” he expressed, feeling slightly underwhelmed.

Vogue Italia October 2017 : Lauren Hutton by Steven Klein


“Always happy to see Lauren but they really need to tone down with the theme issues, it’s like fetishizing a certain something and then they stop featuring them in the magazine months later,” complained Conbothsides, making a very valid point.

MON wasn’t all too impressed, either. “Yikes. Such tragic covers! What an utter waste of Lauren. These are not cover worthy photographs.”

“The third cover (below) is my favorite but I don’t think the silver masthead works at all. And usually we associate silver or gold foil mastheads with celebratory issues so it’s a bit odd to see it like this. Great to see Lauren though!” added dodencebt.

“I only like the third cover and that silver is so horrible,” commented Scotty.

Vogue Italia October 2017 : Lauren Hutton by Steven Klein


A failed attempt at something brilliant? Await more from the issue and let us know which cover you prefer — if any, inside the thread here.