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Chrissy Teigen Is Photoshopped Into Oblivion on InStyle’s November Cover

Up until recently, our forums have been pretty supportive of Laura Brown’s tenure at InStyle. However, members have been calling out the blatant airbrushing on the past few covers. Selena Gomez didn’t exactly look like herself on September’s issue and you could barely tell Julianne Moore was the cover star last month. Now, you have to squint to see a hint of Chrissy Teigen on the publication’s November 2017 cover. Photographed by Carter Smith, Chrissy is all smiles in the bright, summery cover (FYI InStyle, it’s fall now) while leaving the majority of our forum members scratching their heads.

US InStyle November 2017 : Chrissy Teigen by Carter Smith


“OK, so… this is awkward. The amount of Photoshop in that cover is downright atrocious. They’ve airbrushed Chrissy’s face into oblivion, to the point where she is unrecognizable. Am I the only one who’s sat here shocked? Yikes!” voiced vogue28 the moment the cover dropped.

“Who is this woman?! She certainly doesn’t look like Chrissy! Talk about whitewashing,” accused kokobombon.

Echoing the same sentiments was Benn98: “They’ve just about whitewashed every inch of exotic-ness Chrissy had. This is so painstakingly mediocre it’s not even funny.”

“I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or get mad,” added dfl-001. “I want to know how these people in the mag industry keep their jobs! It’s obscene to me.”

“Worst shot I’ve ever seen of her,” stated forum member tigerrouge .

RanThe certainly wasn’t feeling it. “NEXT! InStyle is in desperate need of a revamp (again). These covers have been so basic and not worthy,” he ranted.

“Sorry, but this looks too summery for me. It’s fall,” pointed out Handbag Queen.

Better luck next month, InStyle. Await more from the issue and join the conversation here.