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Angelina Jolie Poses With Cheetahs for Harper’s Bazaar’s November 2017 Issue

If you haven’t heard already, Harper’s Bazaar has been celebrating its 150th anniversary ever since the Lady Gaga cover back in December 2016. The newly unveiled November 2017 issue marks the most monumental of the festivities and who better than Angelina Jolie to grace the cover? After an eight-year hiatus from Bazaar’s front cover, the actress and humanitarian takes us to Namibia, Africa for the cover shoot. Alexi Lubormirski captured Angelina in the middle of the desert where she works a floor-length Ralph Lauren dress as a trio of cheetahs circulates the set.

US Harper's Bazaar November 2017 : Angelina Jolie by Alexi Lubomirski


Per usual, our forum members weren’t afraid to share their opinions. “Easily, one of the best celeb covers they have done in Glenda [Bailey]’s time! Nice to see they stepped it up for the Anniversary issue. Who knew we would ever see a Harper’s Bazaar cover with a full-length shot!” applauded Miss Dalloway.

“Glenda has pulled it off with this one — tasteful yet striking, referential but instantly iconic,” magsaddict admired.

“Is it a lovely photo? Of course it is. She looks absolutely gorgeous. Is this an anniversary cover I would pay for? Nope. For a celebratory cover, it is indeed weak,” disapproved MON.

Not everyone was into Bazaar‘s latest. “Gosh, they really need to end these excuses for arty covers, because they always end up looking cheesy!” criticized forum member KissMiss.

“Thank you Bazaar for sacrificing yourself. So glad she’s not on Vogue, I’ve never found Angelina to be a great actress or very fashionable. Sure, her charity work is amazing but not the reason I buy fashion magazines,” an underwhelmed KateIsGr8 stated.

“I guess it’s fine but the Photoshop around Angelina and the cheetah ruins it for me. Does whoever edited the shot even know the basic thing about shadows?” asked dodencebt.

US Harper's Bazaar November 2017 : Angelina Jolie by Alexi Lubomirski


Check out Angelina’s accompanying cover story for the issue and let us know what you think here.