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Vittoria Ceretti’s Vogue Germany Cover Couldn’t Be More Perfect for Fall

Vittoria Ceretti is one of those models that seems to flourish in front of the camera. Whether she’s starring in an advertising campaign or giving good face for the likes of Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris or Vogue Japan, the Italian beauty rarely disappoints. Following a minimalist Christy Turlington cover last month, photographic duo Luigi & Iango dials up the drama forVogue Germany’s November 2017’s cover as Vittoria gives us an intense stare, some killer eye makeup and a bouffant rock ‘n’ roll hairstyle while donning a Dolce & Gabbana coat.

Vogue Germany November 2017 : Vittoria Ceretti by Luigi & Iango


According to a select few of our forum members, the cover wasn’t exactly groundbreaking. “Not the greatest styling but I like it,” confessed TeeVanity.

“Beautiful girl, love her eyes here. Nice fall cover concerning the colors, but nothing special, needed something more or less,” added a slightly disappointed Nymphaea.

“She looks a bit like Vanessa Moody here. I don’t get why their styling is always so boring and uncreative. They used to have great covers but during the last two years they completely lost it,” wrote dcmaike.

Also underwhelmed by the outcome was MON: “It’s a safe cover. Nothing spectacular. My eyes went straight to the art direction. Tragic. I can’t believe that a magazine with so much budget uses such a tragic, cheap, and tacky layout. The cheapest magazines have better art direction than this. Fact.”

Though not everyone was willing to throw shade at the magazine. “Gorgeous, and perfect for fall, very much into it. She looks fantastic, and the orange masthead works,” approved Miss Dalloway.

“I think this is a very good choice for November,” commented narcyza.

“I love it. The layout could be better but the image is quite striking,” kokobombon reasoned.

Check out Vittoria’s accompanying cover story and drop us a comment here.