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Mila Kunis Poses Awkwardly on Marie Claire’s November Cover

A burning question haunting our forums: what exactly is going on over at Marie Claire lately? The magazine has failed to deliver the goods over recent months, with a slew of less than impressive covers. The American fashion title’s Taraji P. Henson cover last month barely made a splash and now, the new November 2017 issue starring Mila Kunis is off to a rocky start. Photographed by Kai Z Feng, stylist Deborah Watson dressed the actress in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton in the newsstand cover image (below), while Mila sits on the studio floor, looking rather uncomfortable and not much like her usual self.

US Marie Claire November 2017 : Mila Kunis by Kai Z Feng


Members of our forums immediately picked up on the awkwardness. “Weird pose, very Gollum-esque. I also don’t know what’s going on with her left arm. All that said, her face is so damn pretty that it still works,” commented SallyAlbright at once.

“I also thought of Gollum when I saw it,” echoed A.D.C.

“Hang about, this doesn’t look anything like her! Cool concept, but she’s unrecognizable. Also, they can get rid of that ELLE backdrop,” disapproved Benn98.

Badgalcrush agreed, saying, “I love Mila but what weird posing and her head looks Photoshopped (it looks extremely big).”

Vogue28 wasn’t rushing down to the newsstands either: “Even though I admire American Marie Claire‘s cover subjects, they’ve seriously been letting standards slip over recent months. This (and the Taraji P. Henson cover) is just beyond uneventful, flat, dull and completely lifeless. How potential buyers are supposed to be drawn to this down at the newsstand, I’ll never know.”

“I would have much preferred the Gucci shot for the cover instead of what we got. It’s so seductive and natural, down to the positioning of the arms,” noted dodencebt.

US Marie Claire November 2017 : Mila Kunis by Kai Z Feng


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