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Valentino Hires Terry Richardson to Photograph the Resort 2018 Campaign, Prompting tFS Forum Members to Call for a Boycott of the Brand

Controversy has swirled around photographer Terry Richardson for years, with multiple accusations of sexual abuse and predatory behavior. With this week’s news of sexual harassment and assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, another high-powered male in media, along with the viral #MeToo movement, it seems especially egregious that Richardson continues to be hired by the fashion industry. Porter, Vogue ChinaBulgari and Valentino are just a few of the brands that insist on working with Richardson. For Valentino’s new Resort 2018 campaign, models Faretta, Imari Karanja, Jolie Alien, Ratner, Selena Forrest, Torie Bowie and Mag Cysewska come together for the unfortunate occasion, shot on location at St. Vartan Park basketball court in New York City.

Valentino Resort 2018 by Terry Richardson


Needless to say, our no-holds-barred forum members weren’t impressed. “Why are they still using Terry?” asked Nymphaea demanding answers.

“THIS! 1000x THIS ?! Boycotting Valentino entirely til they wake the f’ up. Tacky tasteless and tone-deaf,” replied zoom.

“I’m surprised that in this day and age, he’s still getting work,” added kokobombon.

“What a great week to release a campaign shot by Terry Richardson,” pointed out Marc10.

Also dumbfounded by Valentino’s choice was EstefaniaAbaddon: “I’m in for boycotting every brand and magazine using Terry’s work. Seriously, Valentino, get your s*** together.”

“They should’ve scrapped this campaign completely,” slammed mathiaskatz.

“They should be sued for bad timing alone!” Vitamine W added.

TaylorBinque was also unwilling to show support. “To release another campaign by him and within this climate, it’s not acceptable. The fact that they still continue working with him and magazines and stars still continue working with him, it really tells a lot about what’s going wrong.”

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