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Mario Testino Photographs Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod for Vanity Fair’s December Cover

We can’t remember the last time a real couple graced the cover of Vanity Fair together but J.Lo and A-Rod (Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to the uninitiated) close out 2017 on the publication’s December issue. This year has been a strong one for the title, with covers featuring the likes of a post-split Angelina Jolie and the unforgettable nude and pregnant Serena Williams. Photographing “J-Rod” for the cover was Mario Testino, who captured the couple at an enviable beach-front Malibu home. The pair snuggles up, with Jennifer wearing a floor-length Ralph Lauren dress and Alex wearing a Tom Ford tux.

Vanity Fair December 2017 : Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez by Mario Testino


Despite the perfectly poised cover, our forum members weren’t buying it. “There are so many… real couples I can think of who would have been more appropriate for this cover. They aren’t even an ‘it’ couple, whatever that means anymore,” ranted dodencebt the second the cover struck.

“Do people really care about these two? The relationship is already SO overexposed and a VF cover story is not warranted at all,” added Zposen.

“Barf. The most obnoxious PR relationship in recent years. Seriously cringe-worthy,” Marc10 mocked.

“I feel like almost every J.Lo relationship has been documented in a glossy but she looks great,” admitted Lola701.

Not everyone thought the cover was a fail. “For some reason, I like them together. They have both dated many people, both been overexposed in the media, and yet there is something likable about them. Maybe it’s just crazy enough to work. Either way, they look perfect together,” stated SallyAlbright.

“Well, I think they look great! Very classy, and very VF despite the bit of skin showing through Jennifer’s dress,” Benn98 admired.

Handbag Queen liked it too, commenting, “Great cover! They both look great!”

Vanity Fair December 2017 : Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez by Mario Testino


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