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Alexa Chung Is a Random Choice for Vogue Netherlands’ December Cover

As soon as we heard the news of Alexandra Shulman‘s British Vogue departure, our first thought was that Alexa Chung would never grace the cover of Vogue again (since Shulman was Alexa’s biggest and most loyal supporter). Now, out of nowhere, Alexa surprises us on the cover of Vogue Netherlands for December 2017, photographed by Marc de Goot. Wearing a wild Ronald van de Kemp creation, the Brit style icon turned fashion designer looks far better than she did on British Vogue‘s “tragic” June 2017 cover.


Vogue Netherlands December 2017 : Alexa Chung by Marc de Groot



TFS forum members were left scratching their heads over the choice of cover star. “How random…” voiced forum member MON upon seeing the cover, about to set the tone for comments to follow.

“I hardly doubt anyone knows her here… that is if they will even recognize her,” added a dumbfounded anlabe32.

Sharing the same sentiments towards Alexa’s appearance on the cover was Benn98. “Looks very tacky and high-street, not in a good way. Furthermore, it doesn’t look like her at all. I suppose it’s now time for Alexa to infiltrate international Vogue editions since her major supply in the UK got cut off,” he stated.

“Her last UK Vogue is the worst cover of the year, and this one is OK but do people outside Britain care about her?” quizzed MDNA.

Dodencebt couldn’t have agreed more. “She looks a bit dead in the eyes but I think it’s far from a bad cover. When you compare it to her last UK Vogue one, this is a masterpiece,” he pointed out.

“I like the pic but not impressed by it being a cover. On top of that, I’m pretty sure nobody in the Netherlands knows who she is,” echoed Vitamine W.

“Well they do sell her atrocious fashion brand over here, so clearly some buyers think there is a market for it. I’m the last person that would give another cover to Alexa, but this one compared to prior offerings is not that bad if I look at her purely as a model. I really like the eyes,” reasoned Les_Sucettes.

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