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Gwen Stefani Does Her Best Fembot Impression for Marie Claire’s Holiday 2017 Cover

According to the tFS forums, this hasn’t exactly been a standout year for US Marie Claire. Despite securing big-name cover stars, Marie Claire‘s covers tend to be over-styled, over-Photoshopped and sometimes downright awkward. Going into 2018, the publication seems to be reevaluating its creative direction. First stop: giving us a double Holiday issue for December/January introducing a new look. Gwen Stefani appears on the newly unveiled cover, photographed by Kai Z Feng, wearing a black David Koma dress for the regular newsstand cover (below).

US Marie Claire Holiday 2017 : Gwen Stefani by Kai Z Feng


Despite the magazine’s best efforts, our forum members simply weren’t here for it. “They are pushing this America’s sweetheart thing so hard so she could sell more albums to middle America. She could literally be Dolly Parton’s daughter here,” voiced dodencebt.

“Gwen looks too artificial and pantomime-like here, like her lips could move without the rest of her face. Donatella Versace would approve! The hair, clearly Photoshopped frame, Forever21 dress, perfect for her and [Blake Shelton’s] audience. Not a winning cover, if you ask me,” Benn98 disapproved.

“This is simply awful. I just cannot believe this is the same woman who was the definition of cool back in the day,” exclaimed [Piece Of Me].

Also unwilling to show the cover some love was bun-bun: “Thanks for a good laugh. My God this is so awful!”

GivenchyHomme wasn’t feeling it either, slamming, “Horrible! She looks like a deranged fembot.”

“She’s traveling down the same road as Madonna – turning yourself into a cartoon character as an alternative to showing your age,” pointed out tigerrouge.

A.D.C wasn’t exactly thrilled either. “Yes, she’s giving me Jocelyn Wildenstein vibes on the new cover,” she declared. Ouch!

US Marie Claire Holiday 2017 : Gwen Stefani by Kai Z Feng


Await more from the issue and join the debate here.