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Zendaya’s Cover of InStyle Misses the Mark for tFS Forum Members

A favorite at the newsstand, Zendaya has covered just about every fashion magazine including Vogue, AllureW Magazine and Marie Claire. It’s no surprise that the “on fire” actress now makes an appearance on InStyle‘s first offering for 2018, following in the footsteps of Nicole Kidman, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss. Posing on the January cover, the 21-year-old oozes youthful radiance wearing a blue velour Chloé outfit for photographer Anthony Maule.

US InStyle January 2018 : Zendaya by Anthony Maule


Members of our forums weren’t too impressed, however. “I know Zendaya likes experimenting and all that, but this hairstyle is too much for her petite frame. Anyway, this looks more like a glorified Grazia cover to me,” commented Benn98.

“A singer/actress with very little success in either,” wrote A.D.C, clearly unimpressed by InStyle‘s choice of cover subject this month.

“Do not like this cover at all. I like Zendaya, and other covers she’s done, but not this one,” stated Handbag Queen.

Nomar agreed: “This is horrendous!”

“I’m becoming increasingly tired of Laura Brown’s InStyle. I had high hopes when she first started out but everything is looking far too commercial and tabloid-like recently that it’s starting to irritate me. Not a fan of this I’m afraid, and I’m also unwilling to jump on the Zendaya bandwagon. UGH!” ranted vogue28.

“The only positive thing I can say is that Laura finally put a black girl on the cover after fifteen issues and only two non-porcelain-white women,” noted dodencebt.

Better luck next month, InStyle. Check out more from Zendaya’s cover shoot and share your opinion here.