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Bella Hadid Starts 2018 With Two Gorgeous Vogue Korea Covers

If you thought Bella Hadid couldn’t top her wildly successful 2017, it looks like 2018 is going to be just as busy as she begins the new year with a set of Vogue Korea covers under her belt. For the publication’s January 2018 edition, Bella proves she’s the perfect choice for Christian Dior Cosmetics with her flawless complexion and intense stare on a duo of close-up portrait images photographed by Ahn Jooyoung.

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The covers generated a mixture of feedback from our forum members. “Having a pretty face doesn’t make you a good model. She can’t emote nor model. And what’s with the art direction,” quipped TaylorBinque the second the covers dropped.

Expressing the same sort of sentiments was Nomar. “Forget about the lackluster expressions, look at that horrendous typography,” he pointed out.

“I just can’t with her. She always looks so stiff,” commented Valentine27.

Bertrando3 wasn’t here for Bella this month either, saying, “She is one of the most boring models EVER!”

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“I like the second cover (above), it’s not very Vogue Korea, but she looks good there due to the cropping. There’ll be no end to these girls anytime soon! She was just about everywhere in September, and now we must start 2018 with her,” acknowledged Benn98.

“Seriously! She and Gigi starting the new year already with Vogue covers, sigh!” replied Miss Dalloway. “I can easily see Edward [Enninful] giving Bella the cover in 2018! But, gotta say; I like both these covers, I just think she has a stunning face, and even such tight close-up works!”

Also a fan was Luxx: “Her face is so beautiful – just perfect. Some of those other takes look like vintage US Vogue covers from the early 80s where it was just tight on the face and super pretty.”

Are you a fan? See some cover shots that didn’t make the cut and share your opinion here.