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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Kylie Jenner’s Cover of Love Magazine (and Not in a Good Way)

Despite being a biannual publication, Love Magazine certainly keeps us on our toes between issues. The magazine’s annual LOVE advent featuring the likes of Hannah Ferguson, Hari Nef, Joan Smalls and Gigi Hadid continues through mid-January and last week, the magazine promoted the upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 edition with a cover tease featuring Kylie Jenner, shot by sister Kendall. No stranger to Love and a favorite of editor-in-chief Katie Grand, Kendall Jenner has appeared on the cover a handful of times and even shot 17 covers for the Spring 2017 edition. Back in the role of photographer, Kendall captures Kylie in a sweet sisterly moment for Love‘s latest. Mario Testino, who?

Members of our forums felt trolled by the whole situation and weren’t impressed. “Kylie by Kendall? Please stop Katie [Grand], you’re out of touch. These people are so yesterday,” complained anlabe32 upon seeing the cover.

“I usually defend Love with a burning passion but what the hell is this?” asked a horrified russianelf.

“What the hell happened to this magazine?” questioned vladhatesyou.

Also far from overjoyed was forum member apple, writing, “Every time I think Love has hit the bottom, they come up with a new level of bad. This is such a horrendous photo (no focus, no frame, no use of the light, are we sure this is not taken with a mobile phone of, let’s say, the 2005s?), taken by someone who has managed to ruin fashion not only as a model but also as a photographer.”

Vitamine W couldn’t have agreed more, adding, “We have reached absolute rock bottom in the world of magazines ladies and gentlemen. Give it up for Katie Grand, lowest of the lowest.”

Not so surprised was Les_Sucettes. “Why the surprise? This magazine is and always been absolute trash. They just decided to start the year with the trashiest thing they could think of, and ladies and gentlemen they certainly achieved their goal, and with honors,” she commented.

See what else the issue in store for us (including Kaia Gerber channeling Gia Carangi) and share your thoughts here.