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Kaia Gerber Serves Supermodel Vibes on the Cover of Vogue Paris for February

Emmanuelle Alt sure does love a good flashback to the 80s and this is clearly evident with the February 2018 cover of Vogue Paris. Kaia Gerber, the queen of New York Fashion Week Spring 2018, spreads her wings and flies solo this month, photographed by David Sims. Styled by Alt herself, the 16-year-old Cindy Crawford mini-me turns up the energy while commanding our attention in a high-octane Saint Laurent outfit, serving some serious supermodel vibes.

Vogue Paris February 2018 : Kaia Gerber by David Sims


Kaia’s first solo Vogue cover generated a mixture of feedback on our forums. “The 80s reign continues…” sighed Scotty the moment the cover dropped.

“We have seen this a million times, Emmanuelle,” StockholmFW added.

“She has yet to charm me as a model, good effort though,” wrote TeeVanity.

Mepps simply wasn’t here for it: “Little girl playing dress up! Fashion is hell-bent on making her happen.”

Sharing the same sort of sentiments was apple. “They’re pushing her so much and it’s too early. She has the right attitude, I’ll give her that. But having the face and body of the young girl that she is… plus being the daughter of Cindy from my point of view, makes her look like a kid dressing up indeed.”

However, not everyone was so underwhelmed. “Kaia is really growing on me as a model. I think the more she does, the better she’ll get. Unlike some of the current girls who have not improved at all, I think Kaia has a lot of potential,” noted LastNight.

“I like it! It feels very fashion and it’s a dynamic and optimistic way to start the year,” Lola701 approved.

“Kaia really made this work, she looks, possibly, the best I’ve seen from her,” championed Miss Dalloway.

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