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Gigi Hadid and Kate Moss Join Forces for Stuart Weitzman’s Spring 2018 Campaign

Every so often, Stuart Weitzman switches up the casting for its ad campaigns (probably less often than it should). Gigi Hadid has been the face of the label for the past four seasons and she’s now back for her fifth — but not alone. The shoe label welcomes back Kate Moss for Spring 2018 to pose alongside Gigi in the New York-based brand’s signature black and white advertising campaign. Also making a reappearance for his 13th consecutive Stuart Weitzman campaign is photographer Mario Testino, who captured Kate, Gigi and male model-of-the-moment Jordan Barrett in the studio.

Stuart Weitzman S/S 2018 : Gigi Hadid & Kate Moss by Mario Testino


According to our forum members, the campaign left a lot to be desired. “I never thought I’d see the day when I would say that Gigi Hadid looks better than Kate Moss in a photo, but here we are,” said dodencebt in total shock.

“Gigi seems to be doing Kate Moss better than Kate herself,” added KissMiss. “Anyway, do I need to mention how groundbreaking and original this campaign is?”

“Looks like Kate is falling off the page in the first one. Not liking this at all,” liv4beauty commented.

Sharing the same attitude was vogue28: “This just feels all sorts of naff and looks far too forced in terms of the casting (Jordan Barrett, seriously?). Kate and Gigi, as much as they’re connected to the Weitzman brand, do not complement one another whatsoever!”

Anlabe32 wasn’t here for it either, writing, “Jordan Barrett. I used to like him until he became an insufferable Instagirl. Boring campaign.”

“Jordan Barrett is always used as a prop,” laughed guimon.

“The shot with Jordan lying on the floor wrapped around their legs like a toddler in the finishing throes of a tantrum is weird; it’s a strange shot to use for a big commercial campaign. Yet again the shoes are hideous, and the logo is quite hard to read. This brand’s success is baffling to me,” stated 333101.

Stuart Weitzman S/S 2018 : Gigi Hadid & Kate Moss by Mario Testino


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