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Four Models-of-the-Moment Pose for Fashionable Mugshots on the cover of Vogue Germany for February

Vogue Germany gave us our monthly dose of glamour last month with a Versace-clad Gigi Hadid posing up a storm on the cover. For February, the magazine dials it back with a series of (rather fashionable) mugshot-inspired cover images featuring models-of-the-moment Anna Ewers, Raquel Zimmermann, Grace Elizabeth and Faretta, photographed by Daniel Jackson.

Vogue Germany February 2018 : Faretta, Anna, Raquel & Grace by Daniel Jackson


The covers generated a mixed amount of feedback from forum members. “They just woke up?” asked a startled KateIsGr8 the moment the covers struck.

“Are these fashion mugshots? Terrible! What is going on with fashion magazines lately?” asked Miss Dalloway.

“So unglamorous and awful, Faretta (below, right) looks like a homeless man,” added YohjiAddict.

Sharing the same sentiments was tigerrouge. “It’s like Vogue Germany wants to look like the new Vogue Italia, which itself wants to look like Vogue Italia circa 1988, but at no point has anyone considered whether any of this looks good,” she voiced.

Apple wasn’t pleased either, commenting, “These are not appealing at all for me! They managed to make four gorgeous and talented models look sleepy, messy and not attractive. I’d never buy the magazine by looking at any of these covers at the newsstand.”

Although not everyone was left so unsatisfied. “Four of the prettiest models ever covering one issue. Great,” admired Creative.

“This is gorgeous. And it’s wonderful to see fashion continuing to embrace the beauty of a more natural aesthetic,” applauded rubydon.

“I’m actually digging it, and I’m always up for magazines doing something different than their usual kick,” reasoned simon.

Vogue Germany February 2018 : Faretta, Anna, Raquel & Grace by Daniel Jackson


We’d like to request some glamour for March please, Vogue Germany. Check out the contents of the issue and add your own two cents here.