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Cardi B and Zendaya Are CR Fashion Book Cover Girls for Spring 2018

Timing is everything and leave it up to Carine Roitfeld to jump on the Cardi B movement before anyone else (after all, she was the first to give Paris Hilton the cover of French Vogue back in 2006). That’s right, the chart-topping rapper who stole the show at The Grammy Awards on Sunday receives Roitfeld’s seal of approval by becoming a CR Fashion Book cover girl. Serving two unique covers shot by Petra Collins, Cardi poses as you’ve never seen her before in the high-fashion portfolio —and even outshines Zendaya, photographed by Mario Sorrenti, who also covers Issue #12, entitled “Crazy Reality.”

CR Fashion Book #12 : Cardi B by Petra Collins & Zendaya by Mario Sorrenti


The moment the covers dropped, debate ignited on our forums. “WOW, very pleasantly surprised by Cardi’s covers! She looks so glamorous. I remain having less than zero interest with Zendaya tho,” voiced Marc10.

“This is easily the most high-fashion Cardi has looked so far. The second cover (above right) is just beautiful! I don’t care about Zendaya’s to be honest,” echoed dodencebt.

“Cardi looks amazing. I’m shocked. As for Zendaya’s, I don’t really care about it. It’s alright…” chimed in Scotty.

Benn98 wasn’t here for it, though. “There’s currently nobody as annoying and tacky as this Cardi B person. Even more than Kim Kardashian. So of course Carine would jump to cover her. It is indeed a ‘crazy reality’ to see her on the cover of a high-fashion magazine. Hope there will be more covers because these two are not doing anything for me,” he complained.

Also disinterested was forum member Phuel: “Cardi in a strip mall weave, false eyelashes and tacky stripper acrylic nails… looking like those desktop-published magazines about huge bums in tacky lingerie. HF really is stooping that low these days. Carine is showing her desperation to be down with the kids nowadays more than ever. Hideous covers!”

“I don’t care about Cardi B, but what have they done to Zendaya? They managed to make such a beautiful girl look horrible and whitewashed. Yikes, her covers are terrible in my opinion,” wrote apple.

CR Fashion Book #12 : Cardi B by Petra Collins & Zendaya by Mario Sorrenti


Which set of covers do you prefer, if any? Await more from the issue and drop us a comment here.