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Katy Perry’s Garish Glamour Cover Proves It’s Time for Change at the Magazine

After months of questionable covers, we officially can’t wait for Glamour‘s new editor-in-chief Samantha Barry to unveil her first issue of the magazine. The title still manages to reign in big names, like Tracee Ellis Ross as last month’s cover girl, Gigi HadidReese Witherspoon and now, Katy Perry for March 2018. The singer is her usual OTT self in the cover shot wearing Louis Vuitton and giving us major flashbacks of vintage copies of i-D Magazine from the 80s in the loud Emma Summerton-shot image.

US Glamour March 2018 : Katy Perry by Emma Summerton


Per usual, our forums won’t be rushing down to the newsstand. “I got a headache just by looking at this,” stated a far from impressed apple upon checking out the cover.

“Yikes, they’re going downhill fast! Hope the new EIC will be able to restore order because everything about this cover is tragic. How do they expect magazines to survive with such images?” quizzed a horrified Benn98.

“What kind of cheap teen magazine is this? Is Katy still a thing?” asked thatsfierce.

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Sharing the same sentiments toward the juvenile-looking cover was forum member Miss Dalloway: “What is this? I’ve seen Seventeen magazine covers with better art direction,” she pointed out.

“Who is their target audience, now?” replied dfl-001. “I always thought Glamour was geared for college-age and young professional women. This looks like it should be of interest to tweens!”

“It’s an eyesore of a cover. The sooner Katy disappears and moves past this weird phase she’s going through, the better. The whole thing has been a bit of a mess for me; the music, the styling, the promotion…” added honeycombchild.

We can only hope for a miracle for next month. See what else Glamour‘s March 2018 issue has to offer and join the conversation here.