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Selena Gomez Looks a Lot Like Kylie Jenner on the March Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Just about every fashion publication has encountered some major staff changes over the past twelve months and we’re starting to think US Harper’s Bazaar is in dire need of a shakeup too. Our forums have become increasingly tired of the same old cover formula and the newly unveiled March 2018 issue is no exception. Returning to Bazaar‘s front cover after her April 2013 appearance is Selena Gomez, photographed by Bazaar regular Alexi Lubomirski. Selena is all smiles in the newsstand cover (below), sporting a dress from Coach (with which she is now well affiliated) and a blond hairdo.

US Harper’s Bazaar March 2018 : Selena Gomez by Alexi Lubomirski


Something about the cover seems off and our forum members instantly picked up on it. “I (unashamedly) love me some Selena but she looks like she has entered a beauty pageant competition here. It’s a disaster of a cover. Also, has that Coach dress been Photoshopped on her? That CANNOT be how a real dress drapes around the armpits,” an eagle-eyed dodencebt pointed out.

“WTF! Look at this hair, complete disaster,” echoed ghostwriter10549.

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Marc10 wasn’t liking the hair, either, writing, “Dear lord who thought this hair was a good idea?”

“Just NO. Add the giant lips and she will look like Kylie Jenner,” added thatsfierce.

Also noticing some slight Kylie Jenner references was tigerrouge: “Bazaar-by-numbers, although from the thread title, I was looking forward to seeing a dark-haired Selena, not this lightweight version that feels a bit like Kylie Jenner with a blonde wig.”

“That’s a hard pass on this cover!! Selena is boring and really has nothing to say ever. So I’ll gladly not buy this issue,” RanThe voiced.

US Harper’s Bazaar March 2018 : Selena Gomez by Alexi Lubomirski


Await more from Selena’s cover shoot and share your opinion with us here.