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You’ll Either Love or Loathe Luna Bijl’s Cover of Vogue Netherlands for March 2018

No doubt, Luna Bijl is earning her It model status this year. She’s the face of Chanel this season, a firm favorite of Vogue Paris‘ Emmanuelle Alt, recently covered Vogue Spain and is currently stealing the spotlight on Vogue Japan‘s group cover. Vogue Netherlands is the latest to jump on the Luna bandwagon, giving the Dutch beauty the cover of the March 2018 issue. Luna serves a vivid beauty look, effortlessly working the lens of photographer Richard Burbridge.

Vogue Netherlands March 2018 : Luna Bijl by Richard Burbridge


Despite the team’s best efforts, the majority of our forum members weren’t here for it. “It’s very Burbridge, but I feel like I would love this if it was the cover of Vogue Beauty instead,” acknowledged simon the moment the cover struck.

“It’s a try-hard wannabe of Vogue Paris. The 80s theme. The fonts. The layout. This feels like the twin sister who desperately craves for attention,” mocked MON.

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“Looks very Allure Russia with their excess garishness, not a fan. Normally Dutch Vogue are all over their models, I’m surprised it took them this long to give Luna her OG cover,” Benn98 added.

Ellastica also wasn’t fan: “I love Richard Burbridge but we really don’t need any more images of juveniles in dress-up mode. I prefer Richard’s grittier, raw close-up portraits of women and men in which imperfections are assets to be marveled.”

“It looks like she’s about to pop a zit on her nose,” laughed mikel.

“Not sure if I like it but it’s certainly eye-catching and Luna Bijl is excellent,” cheered Valentine27.

Bluestar felt the same way, writing, “Not sure if I like the cover yet or not, but I’m very happy Luna has another Vogue cover under her belt and I’m glad the industry is supporting a talented model.”

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