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UK ELLE Uses a Recycled Margot Robbie Image for the March 2018 Cover

After undergoing a complete overhaul last year, UK ELLE has been riding a wave of successful and compelling covers. Yet after a disappointing February cover last month, we now get a lackluster reprint for March 2018 — and our forums aren’t a happy bunch. Despite a successful Rihanna reprint back in October, British ELLE‘s recycling of American ELLE‘s Margot Robbie cover shoot is an uninspired choice for what is considered the industry’s biggest issue of the year besides September.

UK Elle March 2018 : Margot Robbie by Alexi Lubomirski


After seeing the cover, our forum members did not hold back. “It just looks so dated, and what happened with the slick, new art direction? And a reprint for March? Taking a leaf out of Edward [Enninful]‘s book, I see. It’s embarrassing, and I’m positively fed up with Margot Robbie. Hopefully this is her last cover for this year,” commented Benn98.

“OMG!!! What the hell is that? A reprint for March? Are you insane Anne-Marie [Curtis]? GOSH, BIG NO!!!” exclaimed caioherrero.

Also quick to voice their disappointment was vogue28: “Quite disappointed the magazine which was on the up, would opt for a reprint. This almost doesn’t even look like the British edition of ELLE. I thought it was some other European version of the magazine. Jeez!”

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Forum member frk-frost wasn’t buying it either, stating, “This is just sad.”

“Well, it’s very commercial looking and the design is much more mainstream. Maybe they just want to sell some copies!” 8eight pointed out.

“I’m just going to paste my ‘overexposure can be a terrible thing’ comment underneath every cover of Margot until they stop,” wrote dodencebt.

Les_Sucettes shared the same sentiments, adding, “Indeed! I know that blondes with blues eyes, if magazines got their way, is all we would have on the covers, but Jesus she’s not the only actress in the Universe!”

UK Elle March 2018 : Margot Robbie by Alexi Lubomirski


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