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Fashion’s Next Generation Stars on the Redesigned Interview Magazine for March 2018

Just about every major fashion publication has undergone an extensive redesign over the past few months. Interview Magazine had been laying low (our forum members thought they had secretly folded) but the magazine just unveiled a brand new look for the March 2018 edition. Mixing the old with the new, Interview‘s original masthead returns while the magazine taps ‘Fashion’s Next Generation’ of models to star on a series of covers. Five beauties, including Oumie Jammeh, Fran Summers, Lulu, Ansley Gulielmi and Gisele Fox were photographed by David Sims in black and white. Offset with the shocking pink masthead, the covers are sure to command attention at the newsstand.

Interview March 2018 : Fashion's Next Generation by David Sims


Unfortunately, our forum members weren’t so captivated. “I don’t know if it’s because they are all new faces or because it’s in black and white, but these look like test shots for me. I’m happy for all these girls tho, it’s strange to see new models on the cover of Interview,” commented apple.

“If that’s the future then I would say it looks pretty depressing,” expressed KissMiss.

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“I don’t mind the cover feature, but I don’t think it’s suitable for the cover of Interview. Models can work for an Interview cover, but only if it’s a real personality. Not just some bland (but beautiful) looking model who’s supposedly part of the new generation. Are the girls even interviewed for this issue? Do they have anything interesting to say?” asked mikel.

Also left unimpressed by the cast was YohjiAddict. “God knows I’ve never followed models but to me these girls are complete strangers, worst still, looking at their lifeless portraits I’ve got no interest in knowing them.”

“Fashion’s next gen-ZZzzzZZ-erati-ZzzZZ-on. Boringest/most ordinary looking group ever,” HeatherAnne disapproved.

“Fashion’s next generation? Only black and white models? No Asian? Such an ironic joke,” scolded forum member ChicSaks, stating a very valid point.

Interview March 2018 : Fashion's Next Generation by David Sims


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