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Eva Herzigova Poses on Vogue Poland’s Laid-Back April Cover

The inaugural cover of Vogue Poland featuring Anja Rubik and Malgosia Bela failed to excite the majority of our forum members when it debuted last month. The publication now gives up its April 2018 cover to model Eva Herzigova, whose last Vogue cover appearance was back in 2014. Four years later, Eva shows us what we’ve been missing in the laid-back cover image photographed by Chris Colls. The Czech looks effortless and comfortable wearing jeans and a sweater while reclining on a leather sofa.

Vogue Poland April 2018 : Eva Herzigova by Chris Colls


Once again, the magazine pulled in mixed feedback. “OK well this is just lazy and uninspired,” pointed out lelaid the moment the cover dropped.

“Pretty shot but not Vogue-worthy, it’s literally and figuratively lazy. It needs more tension/excitement,” noted Nymphaea.

“The cover itself can be considered quite fresh, but personally I feel like the styling needs an upgrade, or at least incorporating this picture into an editorial, not putting it on the cover,” expressed olha.

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Also sharing the same disapproving sentiments was MyNameIs, commenting, “Dull. Not very impressed by their first two covers. Seems they’re trying to replicate what Vogue Ukraine is doing, but are playing it too safe and the execution is lacking.”

GivenchyHomme wasn’t here for it either: “And down it goes, and only after one issue. What an absolutely pitiful excuse for a cover. The pose, the styling, and even the set is a disaster. Vogue this is not. They better step it up or there will be an early grave waiting for this title!”

Although not everyone was left so dissatisfied. “I guess I’m in the minority, but I really like this. It’s very simple, but it’s warm and beautiful and Eva looks fantastic. Always happy to see her on a cover!” rejoiced forum member happycanadian.

“Stunning, simple and lovely. People complain this is not Vogue, then why don’t they complain about the other versions, i.e. Vogue Ukraine? I prefer her to be in this comfortable position than posing weirdly to be cool and edgy,” reasoned phungnam96.

Take a peek at Eva’s cover story and voice your own opinion here.