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Britney Spears Is Unrecognizable in Kenzo’s New La Collection Memento Campaign

The pop stars of the 90s are certainly having a moment within the fashion industry. Mariah Carey is currently fronting V Magazine and now Britney Spears joins forces with Kenzo, filling us with all kinds of nostalgia. Creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon decided to use the iconic all-American songstress as the face of Kenzo’s second La Collection Memento line of clothing for Spring 2018, inspired by the loud attitude of the 80s. Britney was shot on location at a Hollywood studio in Los Angeles by master fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Kenzo La Collection Memento #2 2018 : Britney Spears by Peter Lindbergh


Our forum members couldn’t believe their eyes. “Lovely to see her back, didn’t expect this. But the Photoshop, oh my!” pointed out Nymphaea the moment the campaign came to light.

“Photoshop is just shocking…” voiced KissMiss.

Also quick to notice some heavy signs of post-production was forum member Marc10. “I was actually quite excited to see how this would turn out but… yikes. Not only the clothes/styling/photography looks like some cheap mall brand, they Photoshopped her to hell and back. I mean the mouth area looks so creepy! Extremely disappointing,” he said.

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“Britney Spears, Peter Lindbergh, Kenzo… nothing works here,” mepps voiced.

Lola701 was far from impressed. “Tragic! You have an iconic pop star, a big photographer and she ends up looking like one of those struggling IG models. And that styling… GOD! Are we back in 2004?” she asked.

“Well, whoever was in charge of the Photoshop work truly had an interesting take on Britney’s face and in some photos she’s hardly recognizable. However, good on Kenzo. Everyone’s desperate to sell nostalgia, at least use someone as iconic as Britney,” approved mistress_f.

“This is one of the craziest collabs we’ve seen in god knows how long! As a huge Britney fan I’m so charmed by this I want to buy something from the collection just as a keepsake,” raved magsaddict.

Kenzo La Collection Memento #2 2018 : Britney Spears by Peter Lindbergh


Check out the accompanying video, see more of the print campaign and join the conversation here.