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Four Top Models Celebrate Vogue Spain’s 30th Anniversary With a So-Tacky-Its-Brilliant 80s-Inspired Cover for April 2018

It’s been a remarkable 30 years since Vogue Spain first made its debut on the newsstands. To celebrate, the title tapped a handful of the industry’s hottest models of today for the April 2018 issue, including Luna Bijl, Yasmin Wijnaldum, Birgit Kos and Blanca Padilla, along with photographer Emma Summerton. Rather than recreate a historical cover, the foursome evoke the 80s (the decade of the magazine’s launch), decked out in Versace’s coveted Spring 2018 collection, styled by Juan Cebrian.

Vogue España April 2018 : Birgit, Luna, Yasmin & Blanca by Emma Summerton


Despite the magazine’s best efforts, the majority of our forum members weren’t in the mood. “I adore the cast (well, maybe minus Yasmin), hate the clothes and those random colors behind the masthead. They could’ve celebrated such a big anniversary better,” complained Srdjan.

“Nah, even the models can’t save it for me! Why are group cover shots so challenging for Vogue? At least [Anna] Wintour’s Vogue has done some amazing group covers, but this just leaves me cold!” exclaimed Miss Dalloway.

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“They all look great individually, but it’s too much for a cover. There is a lot going on and the colorful clothes aren’t helping,” gunsnroses added.

MON most definitely wasn’t buying it, ranting, “It looks like a cheap knockoff of Meisel’s Versace campaign. Tragic. There’s so much going on. The poses are tragic and I cannot believe that a stylist was paid for this. Put all Versace Vogue looks on the cover. Bam, iconic! How inventive! Bravo.”

But not everyone was unsatisfied. “I must admit I love it. It’s so cheap and tacky but so good. It’s not groundbreaking but there’s attitude. And that, I can appreciate a lot in today’s see of dullness,” reasoned forum member TaylorBinque.

“This should be bad but strangely I love it,” TeeVanity confessed.

“It’s so tacky, I love it. The cast is perfect for the clothes,” approved Style Savvy.

See the contents of Vogue Spain’s 30th-anniversary issue and share your thoughts here.