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Karl Lagerfeld Photographs Luna Bijl for Two Covers of Vogue Germany May 2018

Taking advantage of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collection shown in Hamburg back in December, Vogue Germany asked Karl Lagerfeld to photograph the collection for the May 2018 issue. The magazine (understandably) jumps on the Luna Bijl bandwagon this month and the Dutch beauty and firm favorite of Lagerfeld delivers once again. In the first cover, Luna wears a tux, sailor cap and holds a smoking pipe (below) and in the second, she becomes a fashionable fisherman in an oversized thick cable knit sweater, a string of pearls and a bold red lip (after the jump).

Vogue Germany May 2018 : Luna Bijl by Karl Lagerfeld


The two covers generated a mixture of feedback on our forums. “The fonts in the first cover are horrible but kind of work in the second cover. The first one should have been more classy like the pic, but ditch the pipe please. The model could have been anybody. If I have to choose it would be the second cover for sure,” noted Nymphaea.

“Overall I like the second cover more, but her face in the first cover looks better. I’m so happy that Luna is a bonafide Karl favorite,” mikel chimed in.

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“Karl is obsessed with Luna! It’s official now. There’s something weird and amateur about the layout and the styling,” pointed out Lola701.

In agreement over how questionable the covers turned out was Phuel. “It’s all so embarrassingly basic. Like what first-year design students hand in for an assignment,” he scoffed.

“I like Luna, but what the hell did they do to her face in that second cover? It’s actually scary,” commented Growl.

“Her face in the second cover is terrible. I don’t know if it’s the makeup or the lighting but it’s aging her badly,” forum member gunsnroses echoed.

EstefaniaAbaddon certainly wasn’t feeling the outcome either: “That first cover is painful, in terms of photography. I know plenty of photographers that could do that. It’s mediocre, amateur and indeed clueless.”

Vogue Germany May 2018 : Luna Bijl by Karl Lagerfeld


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