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tFS Forum Members Call for Regime Change at Allure After the Release of the May 2018 Sasha Lane Cover

It’s common knowledge that the magazine industry is going through tough times. Despite Allure‘s attempts to switch things up by scaling back the frequency of its print issues and dedicating issues to certain themes, our forum members are finding it hard to engage with the magazine’s new look and feel. Allure seems to have forgotten about a little thing called glamour and after a raw and unpolished Adwoa Aboah cover last month, Sasha Lane becomes the face of the ‘Disruptors Issue’ for May 2018. Photographed by Scott Trindle, the actress delivers a perfectly satisfactory portrait cover image.

Allure May 2018 : Sasha Lane by Scott Trindle


Once again, our forum members are not in a rush to snag a copy. “OK, I’m done with Allure,” proclaimed jal718 the moment the cover struck, about to set the tone for discussion to follow.

“Seriously!! How is this magazine still around? Ever since Linda [Wells] left it has been such a mess. This try-hard indie feel does not suit, at all!” Miss Dalloway added in frustration.

“Just no,” said Nocturnal.

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Benn98 wasn’t here for it either: “This is the final nail in the coffin for me! Shut it down. The problem is that they’re marketing only to one group, and I doubt whether said group are actually investing in print. Michelle Lee seems clearly in a rush for this magazine to go bust. Never got this girl’s appeal nor why she’s always on magazine covers. Another case where the actual amount of films doesn’t back up the hype.”

Also quick to take a swipe at the magazine’s EIC was GivenchyHomme, commenting, “She’s very beautiful but this is just wrong for this magazine. The tattoos and braids juxtaposed against that yellow top creates a very strange and unappealing combination. I absolutely loathe Michelle Lee and what she’s done to this magazine. She has no business running a magazine.”

“Linda [Wells] had a vision. Now it’s lost and it’s a joke. They have 100 pages in the big months and 60 of them is advertisements and 40 is content. JOKE!” caioherrero stated.

It’s safe to say Allure had better step up its game next month. Share your thoughts here.