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Grace Elizabeth Delivers the Goods (Natch) on Vogue Korea’s Cinematic June Cover

Ever since she first broke onto the scene, Grace Elizabeth has commanded covers of Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris and Vogue Russia, to name a select few throughout her impressive few years on our radar. Now, the current face of Chanel and Estée Lauder’s newest global spokesmodel takes to the cover of Vogue Korea for June 2018. The last time the Korean title took our fancy this much was back in March, where Kendall Jenner impressively managed to win over our forum members with two covers. This month, Grace was photographed by Hyea W. Kang on location in New York, on what appears to have been a blustery day down at the waterfront, looking utterly perfect for the beautiful and cinematic cover shot.


Vogue Korea June 2018 : Grace Elizabeth by Hyea W. Kang



Our forum members couldn’t wait to show the cover some love. “I think I really like this. The image is very cinematic, I love the windswept hair, the color palette is beautiful and the text is quite clean and subtle,” admired dodencebt.

“This cover is absolutely gorgeous. Everything works: from the image to the color palette, to the text placement. Bravo!” Style Savvy applauded.

“Superb cover! Very classy, the styling is amazing, I love the face, the hair, the pose. It’s a great shot and the layout is good too, way to go Vogue Korea!” enthused Bertrando3.

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In agreement over how fantastic the cover turned out was happycanadian. “This is fabulous. There’s something so moody and sumptuous about this cover photo. Grace is killing it, as per usual,” he said.

“Stunning! I love seeing Grace getting all these Vogue covers! Such a beauty,” adored forum member guimon.

“I love it! And her beauty is beyond words,” echoed McKinney.

“Oh, yes to this! How stunning, finally back to good covers for them!” Miss Dalloway heralded.

Benn98 couldn’t have agreed more, commenting, “Easily their best cover in some time! I don’t even care that it looks so wintry, the composition and colors are just stunning!”

Await Grace’s cover story and show the cover some love yourself, here.