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Natalia Vodianova and Three Footballers Star on Vogue Russia’s Awkward Covers for June 2018

Vogue Russia’s newly installed EIC, Masha Fedorova, continues to put her stamp on the magazine and with the unveiling of each cover, our forum members are getting a clear indication of the aesthetic. After covers featuring Grace Elizabeth and Frederikke Sofie, Fedorova now taps one of Russia’s finest supermodels for June 2018, Natalia Vodianova, who last appeared on the September 2017 cover. Shot by Luigi & Iango, Natalia is joined by footballers Fedor Smolov, Julian Draxler and Dani Alves throughout while getting us hyped for the FIFA World Cup.

Vogue Russia June 2018 : Natalia Vodianova, Fedor, Julian & Danial by Luigi & Iango


Members of our forums weren’t exactly…fond of the two covers. “Well this is dreadful,” declared mepps the moment the covers dropped.

“Wow, it looks so uncomfortable,” described MDNA.

“They don’t look like Vogue covers to me. Interview or maybe Vanity Fair but not Vogue. And if you’re going to group a model with a few guys, why not at least make it look like they’re all having fun. There’s no energy or happiness at all. Bland is the best description. A Vogue cover should not look like a tedious chore,” complained dfl-001.

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In agreement was Benn98. “What’s up with Natalia’s eyes? She looks possessed. I think it’s too busy and cluttered. Maybe more ‘fashiony’ styling would’ve given this cover a Vogue feel,” he stated.

Caioherrero also agreed, commenting, “It’s not good. They could have done wonders with the theme!”

“I actually like this. My eyes immediately went straight to Natalia,” MON admitted, sharing a different opinion from the majority.

“Not really a fan of the cover, but I will say that she is absolutely the star of this photo (obviously that should go without saying, but oftentimes it’s not the case with these types of shoots). I barely even noticed the men,” echoed happycanadian.

Vogue Russia June 2018 : Natalia Vodianova, Fedor, Julian & Danial by Luigi & Iango


Fabulous or a total flop? See the accompanying cover story and share your thoughts here.