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Jessica Stam Looks Like a Drowning Victim on Vogue Portugal’s Unfortunate June Cover

Our forums regularly sing Vogue Portugal’s praises, whether it’s sensational covers featuring the likes of Anna Cleveland and Alessandra Ambrosio or Debra Shaw‘s first Vogue cover last month after decades of working within the industry. The magazine now embraces Jessica Stam for the newly unveiled June 2018 issue (Jessica’s last Vogue cover was way back in March 2015). Photographed by René & Radka, Jessica floats fully clothed in a pool for the provocative cover image, leaving us to wonder whether the magazine’s winning streak is about to come to a drastic halt.

Vogue Portugal June 2018 : Jessica Stam by René & Radka


Members of our forum immediately voiced their verdict. “This is what happens when one tries SO hard!! Waste of everyone’s time!” exclaimed Miss Dalloway.

Vogue Portugal, has run its course – now we’ve gone down the route of parody. This is so trying to be Vogue Italia (late 90s early 00s) it’s almost painful, and ultimately underlies the utter banality of their aesthetic,” slammed carbon-made.

“Why oh why is the masthead covering her face? I appreciate their creativity once again but this is a bizarre cover. The styling is beyond weird as well,” added Fiercification.

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Pointing out the same unfortunate element was forum member GinAndTonic. “What a shame that her face is covered by the masthead. Quite intriguing otherwise, even though it seems taken out of the 00s,” she mentioned.

GivenchyHomme wasn’t much of an admirer either, writing, “She looks like a sad lonesome Barbie doll that someone threw in a pool and now she’s just floating around forgotten. This is a really bad cover, one of the worst in many years and not just from Vogue Portugal. There is nothing positive to say, unfortunately.”

“Yikes! What on earth is this?” asked MON. “You had all the elements of a good cover, and they decided to waste it. Tragic.”

“I wish it wasn’t too washed out, it makes her look like a drowning victim!” pointed out Urban Stylin.

Ouch. Better luck next month, Vogue Portugal! Check out some previews and join the debate here.