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Emily Ratajkowski Stars on Two ELLE Australia Covers — Baffling Our Forum Members

ELLE Australia probably doesn’t get the recognition it deserves on our forums, but with just the right cover star, you’ll have our undivided attention. The last cover to take our fancy was back in 2016 featuring Aussie supermodel Gemma Ward and now, two years later, a cover with Emily Ratajkowski is getting just as much buzz. American Marie Claire‘s current cover girl takes to Australian ELLE‘s June/July 2018 issue, starring on two monochromatic covers shot by Kai Z Feng. The model/actress and Kérastase brand ambassador is dressed in head-to-toe Saint Laurent (styled by Rachel Wayman), leaving our forum members to choose their favorite cover image.

Elle Australia June/July 2018 : ‪Emily Ratajkowski by Kai Z Feng


The focus wasn’t on what Emily was wearing, however. “Who’s in charge of choosing ELLE Australia’s cover stars? Most Aussie mags have to choose wisely because they can’t always afford to have an original cover every month — and this is what they chose? Emily seems like a nice person but she also feels a bit irrelevant, especially to readers here,” critiqued forum member magsaddict.

“I don’t get how she manages to appear on the front of fashion magazines, but I presume it involves having a canny PR team and strategically buying a lot of the coverage she gets online, keeping people convinced through social media counts and well-placed new stories that she’s a celebrity,” tigerrouge added.

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“I can´t wait to see the Instagirls and influencers disappear from the surface of the modeling world. They have no business there,” Bertrando3 said.

Expressing the same view toward Emily was squilliam. “I don’t really get what she does, I know she’s a model but she doesn’t seem to actually do much of that, and I don’t see how she’s relevant enough to get a cover,” she commented.

“Such an awkward select for a cover. Can the editor not see how deformed her left arm looks in that position giving her a stumpy T-Rex arm look?” asked Phuel.

“Looks pretty average. I hate the font,” stated SLFC.

Elle Australia June/July 2018 : ‪Emily Ratajkowski by Kai Z Feng


See Emily’s cover shoot in full and join the conversation here.