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Collier Schorr Replaces Bruce Weber as Louis Vuitton’s Campaign Photographer for Fall 2018

Our suspicions have been confirmed with the unveiling of Louis Vuitton’s latest advertising campaign: Bruce Weber is officially out (although it should’ve gone without even saying). Ever since Nicolas Ghesquière took over the reins of the iconic French fashion house in 2013, Weber has been Ghesquière’s go-to campaign photographer (much to the dismay of our forums members) for his mainline collections, but in light of the sexual misconduct allegations, he is replaced by Collier Schorr for Fall 2018. A clean slate, Ghesquière cast some newbie models for the occasion too, with Clémentine Balcaen (below) and Mariam de Vinzelle (after the jump) taking center stage. Styled by Marie-Amelié Sauve, the girls were photographed against pastel-colored backdrops, staring vacantly off-set.

First look / LV FALL 18 CAMPAIGN by @collierschorrstudio #lvfw18

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Despite the switch-up, our forum members weren’t here for it. “If you’re gonna change the photographer, at least change for the good and give us something better. Geez. This is so basic. It’s like a lookbook shot. They managed to make Clémentine look pedestrian,” slammed guimon the moment the campaign dropped.

“I don’t like it. It looks like an editorial for Another Magazine or a campaign for one of those budget clothing stores. I’m surprised that he hasn’t chosen to work with the some of the amazing photographers from his Balenciaga days. I&V or Sims would have elevated this,” added GivenchyHomme.

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“It looks like a C&A catalogue, cheap, cheap, cheap. If they needed a female photographer to redeem their image after the Weber debacle I would’ve preferred to see Harley [Weir] or Camilla [Akrans]. Both of which would’ve been such a breath of fresh air,” noted YohjiAddict.

Also not getting any sense of luxury from the images was forum member cheapthrills. “This looks like Forever21. Ew!” they wrote.

“Very boring and not what I expect from LV. They should’ve gone for David Sims. At least he wouldn’t have made the pink background look so cheap,” stated anlabe32.

“This doesn’t look promising at all,” Nomar instantly disapproved.

TaylorBinque wasn’t exactly enthralled either. “Wake me up when they decide to mix things up. I wish big houses have the balls to hire exiting up and coming female photographers. I’m sure there is a sea to pick from. Why!!” she exclaimed.

LV FALL 18 CAMPAIGN by @collierschorrstudio #lvfw18

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Await more campaign images to drop and join the debate here.