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Gigi Hadid Is the Victim of Questionable Styling on Vogue Australia’s July Cover

We jinxed it. Just when our forums were applauding Vogue Australia for using homegrown talent, like Rebel Wilson and Kylie Minogue, the magazine ditches its fellow Aussies in favor of fashion’s most in-demand American model: Gigi Hadid. Putting the recent Vogue Italia cover controversy behind her, Gigi adds a second Vogue Australia cover to her ever-expanding portfolio, photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Christine Centenera for July 2018. In the newsstand cover image (below), the current face of Stuart Weitzman wears a vacant expression along with her Calvin Klein outfit, while the limited-edition cover (after the jump) is a stark contrast with Gigi flashing a huge smaile.

Vogue Australia July 2018: Gigi Hadid by Giampaolo Sgura


All the elements just proved a little too much for our forum members. “Crikey, I usually enjoy what this magazine does! This is certainly many steps backwards. Sgura really didn’t even try with this. It’s so shockingly unimaginative! Styling looks terrible, I’m fed up with the Hadids pandering for sympathy, and I can’t believe they went for a grey backdrop,” said Benn98.

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Vogue Australia is just lost. I no longer see its identity, or at the very least, its direction. Can’t believe such styling appeared in Vogue. The art direction is also dumb. Who finds that appealing?” MON wondered.

“This is heinous,” A.D.C stated.

Also to call out Centenera’s questionable styling was forum member Les_Sucettes. “Can we also stop with this goddamn type of gloves?! They make everyone look like Dr. Frank N. Furter, that by the way was more infinitely more fabulous that Gigi can ever manage to look in any type of cover. She looks like she’s half asleep,” she wrote.

“Awful cover. She looks so washed out especially with the too-dark brows and the weird facial expression. I actually thought Sgura had been improving of late too!” added 333101.

“Gigi again looking lifeless AND another bad Vogue Australia cover with no sense of style and a bad layout. NEXT!” Bertrando3 commented.

Miss Dalloway hated it: “Give us a BREAK!! So sick of the same models over, and over! But this might be her worst cover in a while. Everything looks awful!”

Vogue Australia July 2018: Gigi Hadid by Giampaolo Sgura


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