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A Chanel-Clad Lily-Rose Depp Is Vogue Russia’s Cover Girl for July 2018

Despite earning Karl Lagerfeld‘s seal of approval, tFS forum members have never been that impressed with Lily-Rose Depp. The 19-year-old daughter of (do we even need mention?) has been the face of Chanel numerous times, starred alongside The Kaiser himself on Vogue Paris, covered British Vogue and Vogue Japan, and took to the cover of CR Fashion Book — all to the dismay of our forums. It seems Vogue Russia is next in trying to make Lily happen, giving up its July 2018 cover to the model/actress. Photographed by Boo George and styled by Katerina Zolototrubova, Lily was captured at a beachfront location, flashing us a hint of a smile over her shoulder while wearing head-to-toe Chanel (natch).

Vogue Russia July 2018 : Lily-Rose Depp by Boo George


Once again, Lily couldn’t win over our unfiltered forum members. “The styling is nice, but Lily doesn’t make an impact at all,” said forum member Nymphaea the second the cover came to light.

“She looks like she’s 12! It’s a boring image, certainly not Vogue worthy. NEXT!” disapproved Bertrando3.

“Are they still trying to make her happen?” asked GivenchyHomme.

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“This would have been nice if she didn’t look so tiny. She has no gravitas whatsoever. Her mother also always had a delicate type of beauty never suffered from the same problem. Clearly you need more than a surname to have charisma,” Les_Sucettes commented.

Also not into it was gunsnroses: “She looks so small, and her pose isn’t helping. Out of all the Chanel ambassadors, Lily is the most boring!”

“I don’t mind Lily-Rose Depp at all, but if you compare this ‘Chanel ensemble’ cover with the recent Vogue Paris one with Alma Jodorowsky, this is like seeing a munchkin in expensive clothes,” expressed tigerrouge.

“I just can’t get over how her head and the handbag are of similar size,” pointed out Ed.

MDNA wasn’t exactly pleased with Vogue Russia’s choice of cover subject either. “She is such a turn-off every time I see her on a cover,” he scoffed.

“Very boring. Disappointing choice!” agreed tjasmine.

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