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Lineisy Montero, Ruth Bell and More Star in Christian Dior’s Poorly Executed Fall 2018 Campaign

Ever since Maria Grazia Chiuri become the creative director of Christian Dior back in 2016, our forum members have fallen out of love with the Italian designer — especially when it comes to botching up Dior’s advertising campaigns. Following a solo Sasha Pivovarova last season, Maria’s back in the mood for multi-girl casting for Fall 2018. Lineisy Montero, Ruth Bell, Asya Reznikova and Evelyn Nagy star in the campaign inspired by both the student protests of the 1960s and French New Wave movies. The foursome took to the streets of Paris for the series of cinematic images, photographed by Pamela Hanson (who quietly replaces Patrick Demarchelier, obvi) and styled by Karl Templer throughout.

Christian Dior F/W 2018.19 by Pamela Hanson


Per usual upon the campaign’s release, our forum members weren’t all too fond of the outcome. “Even Zara is better than this…” Lola701 said straight away.

“Who are these people? They have got to be kidding me with this c-list cast and campaign. Can’t believe this is coming from Dior,” expressed anlabe32.

“LMAO truly awful. Who is the creative director of this campaign? Child, that VLC Media Player subtitle is atrocious!” mocked an underwhelmed Ed.

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Rigida felt the same way: “This is such a fail. I feel that the campaign will be better without the subtitles gimmick. Gucci did it first and better.”

Also left far from impressed was forum member Vitamine W: “Chanel’s lookbook photography, a failed attempt at Gucci humor fronted by a Prada face who can’t emote her way out of a paper bag. The Dior Brand marketing team might just be the vapidest of all of them. Shameful!”

“How the hell the let even let this happen? Well, since her originality lacks in design, now it bleeds through the campaigns. Seriously, even Zara would have ditched the idea because Gucci did it first and people still remember it,” TaylorBinque commented.

“I can’t believe grown up women buy into this nonsense,” voiced forum member 333101. “It’s like she sourced inspiration from angsty 16-year-old’s Tumblr pages, and the campaign itself is dull beyond words!”

Christian Dior F/W 2018.19 by Pamela Hanson


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