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Cindy Crawford Looks Almost Unrecognizable on Vogue Turkey’s Absurd July 2018 Cover

While Kaia Gerber recently added an advertising campaign for Moschino and a pair of Vogue Italia covers to her ever-growing portfolio, mom Cindy Crawford reminds the industry she’s still in the game by scoring the cover of Vogue Turkey. The magazine went all out last month, giving us (a heavily Photoshopped) Mert Alas and Kendall Jenner as cover stars for its 100th issue, but this month the mag went old school with the OG 90s supermodel. Photographed by Miguel Reveriego and styled by Simon Robins, the all-American beauty sports straight hair and one of Max Mara’s signature camel coats on the cover. But just like with Town & Country back in May, Turkish Vogue seems to have missed the mark with its latest cover shoot.

Vogue Turkey July 2018 : Cindy Crawford by Miguel Reveriego


Our forum members could barely believe their eyes. “Oh lord… I love Reveriego but why are all his Vogue covers so bad?” asked Ed.. the moment the cover dropped.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a less flattering photograph of Cindy,” a shell-shocked dodencebt stated.

“Yikes, it is very unflattering, not to mention cliché,” Benn98 added. “Did they really need to go with such a basic approach? What bothers me most is the fake-looking skin tone.”

Sharing the same sentiments was GivenchyHomme, commenting, “The retouching is overkill. The flat hair is hideous. This is not how you do Cindy Crawford. They did her dirty.”

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“This is the worst cover image of Cindy I have ever seen and I love her. Even paparazzi pics are much better,” called out fierrousa.

“It’s truly awful. This is probably the worst professional photograph I’ve EVER seen of Cindy Crawford, and they put it on the cover of Vogue?! Absurd,” expressed happycanadian.

“This is genuinely terrible. I hate to say it but she looks actually unattractive here, bet she’s fuming!” 333101 declared.

Mackos wasn’t into it, either. “How it got approved as a cover, I’ll never know. Looks like one of those selfies that you thought was going to be cute but you delete it as soon as you see it.”

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