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Zendaya Is Retro Fabulous on Marie Claire’s September Cover

The September issues are continuing to roll out and Marie Claire is the latest to release its most highly anticipated issue of the year. Lately, our forums have been singing the magazine’s praises month after month thanks to a bold and exciting redesign, which is actually working in the magazine’s favor (unlike one of its competitors). Marie Claire makes Zendaya its September 2018 cover girl, photographed by Thomas Whiteside and styled by Joseph Errico. The singer/actress and all-around cool girl does ‘retro redux’ perfectly throughout the cover story, wearing a mohair leopard print Max Mara sweater with her hair styled into a bouffant updo.

US Marie Claire September 2018 : Zendaya by Thomas Whiteside


Our forum members were instant fans. “I’m in love with that color scheme!!” praised forum member brikin the second the cover came to light.

“Stunning portrait of Zendaya! You have a hit on your hands with this one, Marie Claire,” applauded [Piece Of Me].

“I really like her, such a cool girl and inspiration! She can pull off anything and her love for fashion really comes through,” Anna147 added.

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“Nice photo, but weird layout. I don’t like how the cover is divided in two parts, the left text half and the right image half,” Srdjan pointed out.

Piet Retief agreed, saying, “The color scheme is too dull.”

“She does look rather cute on the cover. Wish they’d get rid of the Vogue Paris font. It ruins everything,” Benn98 chimed in.

“I originally hated the font they used, but in this case I think the font and color of it really works and compliments the image. Not to mention they nailed they cover shot. All of the times I’ve seen Zendaya on a cover, she’s always done very good. September isn’t so bad after all,” said SLFC.

Vogue28 agreed: “Easily the most attractive of the September covers from the American titles by a mile this year (thus far, at least). I’ve never been a one for Zendaya but Thomas Whiteside and the rest of the team done her justice here. The styling, the layout of the cover and the colors just all work in harmony together!”

US Marie Claire September 2018 : Zendaya by Thomas Whiteside


Check out the rest of Zendaya’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.