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Gigi Hadid and Halima Aden Promote UNICEF on the Cover of CR Fashion Book for Fall 2018

CR Fashion Book has been teasing us for weeks via Instagram with countless flashbacks from the magazine in anticipation of the release of its upcoming issue, while making us wonder who might turn up on the covers. We half expected to see Kim Kardashian but Carine Roitfeld features trusted favorites Gigi Hadid and Halima Aden in the newly unveiled Issue #13 for Fall 2018. The issue is dedicated to meaningful change and partners with UNICEF USA for both covers to help combat the ongoing global refugee crisis. Both models were photographed by Pieter Hugo and styled by Roitfeld in an oversized Calvin Klein coat over a UNICEF T-shirt.

CR Fashion Book #13 F/W 2018.19 : Halima Aden & Gigi Hadid by Pieter Hugo


The covers did not sit well with our forum members, however. “Well, that’s quite a letdown! With the styling and layout change, it looks like some weekly local publication about recycling and environment. Way to go, Carine!” mocked aracic the moment the covers dropped.

“God, what made her change the art direction? Looks like one of those cheap, free digital e-zines which nobody reads,” said Benn98.

“These are terrible covers. ‘Fashion Book’ makes the covers look like very cheap and low quality. The pictures seem unedited/Instagram filtered outtakes shot with terrible lighting. Is it really Carine behind this magazine?” quizzed biagiolr.

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In agreement over how bland everything looked was mepps. “Absolutely awful. Why doesn’t she just shut this useless magazine down? People here constantly complain about how terrible Love magazine is, but CR Fashion Book is even worse,” he stated.

“What a bore. Carine is so unoriginal when it comes to CR Fashion Book,” 333101 chimed in.

GivenchyAddict felt the same way, writing, “I am so tired of Carine Roitfeld and everything related to her. I used to admire her so much but when I started working in the industry I realized how dull, annoying, uninspiring she is. This magazine is unnecessary!”

“Carine Roitfeld has committed the ultimate fashion faux pas—she got dull and boring. You have to be a true artist to make the eye travel,” noted MissMagAddict.

CR Fashion Book #13 F/W 2018.19 : Halima Aden & Gigi Hadid by Pieter Hugo


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