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Vogue Czechoslovakia Is Off to a Rocky Start With This Wasted Karolina Kurkova Cover

It’s hard not to get excited when a new edition of Vogue enters the market. Over the past two years, we’ve witnessed the launch of Vogue Arabia and Vogue Poland — and this month marks the introduction of Vogue Czechoslovakia. Ever since Condé Nast announced the news of a Czechoslovakian Vogue edition early this year, our forums have speculated as to who might turn up on the cover — and as one would expect, the magazine went with a pretty obvious choice. Czech beauty Karolina Kurkova does the honors fronting the inaugural September 2018 issue, photographed by Branislav Simoncik and paying homage to former First Lady of Czechoslovakia Olga Havlova.

Vogue Czechoslovakia September 2018 : Karolina Kurkova by Branislav Simoncik


Our forum members couldn’t wait to weigh in. “This is pretentious, boring and just plain ugly,” complained RaisinBoy the moment the cover struck.

“So this is it? It’s a bit underwhelming,” added Srdjan.

“Oh wow, this is actual cringe,” said russianelf.

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“I’m very underwhelmed, I originally thought this was a supplement cover before reading the description/explanation! When using a model like KK surely you’d use more than just her back?” asked Blayne266.

Also not into it was forum member Ken Doll Jenner: “I found the idea of the cover fascinating but one must be intrigued by the image first before reading the detailed explanation as to why a cover came to fruition. After all, a magazine cover needs to be able to show an image first and foremost, not a subtext.”

“Not a good start,” jal718 pointed out.

“Oh.. that’s it? Alright then… I was not expecting anything much anyway,” said ghostwriter10549.

Zacatecas570 won’t be in a rush to his local newsstand either. “This is just pretentious and ugly, for me is the worst cover EVER, what a waste of KK,” he slammed.

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