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Lily-Rose Depp Is Both Angel and Devil on Vogue Korea’s September Covers

Over the years, Lily-Rose Depp has failed to impress our picky forum members on just about every major fashion magazine including British Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue JapanCR Fashion Book and, most recently, Vogue Russia. It’s now Vogue Korea’s turn to feature the Chanel brand ambassador on its September 2018 edition. The magazine has been riding a wave of success lately, winning us over with covers starring Luna Bijl and Grace Elizabeth, but its latest is a step backward. The Karl Lagerfeld favorite wears Chanel (natch) and plays the role of both devil (below) and angel (after the jump) on two covers, photographed by Paolo Roversi.

Vogue Korea September 2018 : Lily-Rose Depp by Paolo Roversi


Members of our forums weren’t expecting much. “I can’t believe Lily keeps getting Vogue covers, let alone a September cover. Both covers are boring,” wrote gunsnroses.

“Why is she still getting covers?” asked anlabe32.

“This is disappointing for September,” agreed mathiaskatz.

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Also left unimpressed by the magazine this month was 333101: “She looks half dead on both. I usually love VK and Paolo but this is pretty bad!”

“Her eyes are always dead,” said forum member Your Anchor.

“Can someone wake her up? She’s falling asleep,” TaylorBinque laughed.

EstefaniaAbaddon wasn’t a fan, either. “These are the worst pictures I have ever seen coming out of Paolo’s work. What happened? He has the power to say no, why let this see the light of day? This is a stain on his work! This girl is a disgrace for any cover she’s on and they have to stop trying to make her happen. Let her be a teen,” he stated.

Vogue Korea September 2018 : Lily-Rose Depp by Paolo Roversi


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