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Anna Ewers Lands Her Fifth Cover of Vogue Germany

Anna Ewers and Vogue Germany go together like Kate Moss and British Vogue. It’s a relationship that keeps on blossoming and the German native, who already has four cover appearances for the magazine under her belt, adds a fifth for October 2018. After a rather dull and uneventful offering for September, we were expecting some glitz and glam this month; instead, we get yet another tepid gray backdrop and not much else. Even Ewers looks bored with the cover as she sits on a stool wearing Ralph Lauren for photographer Giampaolo Sgura.

Vogue Germany October 2018 : Anna Ewers by Giampaolo Sgura


Members of our forums were divided on the cover. “Her again?! The casual styling isn’t doing her much favors, too basic,” remarked Nymphaea the moment the cover dropped.

“Doesn’t even look like a cover! Can’t believe [stylist Christiane Arp] would run with this. The styling is bad as can be expected from a Vogue Germany cover, but the art direction and image? It looks like an outtake from The Edit’s weekly features,” said Benn98.

“So it’s official? Magazines aren’t even trying anymore, this cover ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on!” slammed Miss Dalloway.

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Also not liking what he saw was GivenchyHomme. “Where’s the glamour? She looks like she just rolled out of bed. Do women aspire to look like ragamuffins? The styling leaves a lot to be desired. I really hate those pants, and the jacket is nothing special,” he stated.

“Surprised that most of you dislike this. I think it’s really good!” commented June, clearly not finding the cover that bad.

“It looks very appealing to me. Anna looks effortlessly beautiful and the styling suits her so well. I like it a lot,” Valentine27 confessed.

Perickles agreed, praising, “Finally a decent cover. I’m glad to see Anna! Thank God Vogue Germany is offering something more interesting!”

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