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Julia Roberts Is All Smiles (Obvi) on the November Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

We can always count on Julia Roberts to light up the newsstand with her infectious smile and whether she’s fronting British Harper’s Bazaar or WSJ Magazine, she’s sure to brighten your day. This month, she lends her dazzling charm to Harper’s Bazaar’s November cover — something the magazine sorely needed after a disastrous September cover and low-key October cover. The 50-year-old American actress was captured by Alexi Lubomirski around the rugged Vasquez Rocks, wearing a vibrant Giambattisa Valli dress (teamed with some questionable Dior sneakers) on the newsstand cover (below) and the special subscribers cover (after the jump).

US Harper's Bazaar November 2018 : Julia Roberts by Alexi Lubomirski


According to our forum members, even Julia can’t save Harper’s Bazaar. “Jesus, this magazine is a lost cause. Just last year Julia did a similar cover for the British edition in red. Earlier this year this very edition shot Jennifer Lopez in similar pink tulle overload. Doesn’t Glenda lay her covers out against the wall like any seasoned editor would? Crikey,” voiced Benn98.

“I hate when they Photoshop celebrities doing ‘extreme’ things. Looks cheap to me,” pointed out jorgepalomo.

“I just read the article and it’s actually not Photoshopped! I guess she has a fear of heights and wanted to conquer it. But yeah, not a great cover. The sneakers made me wrinkle my nose,” Lucien112 said.

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“I fail to understand why she doesn’t know she looks her best with brown hair that matches her eyes like she had in the 90s. Also, My Best Friend’s Wedding was right, she shouldn’t wear pink,” HeatherAnne laughed.

Yet not everyone was left unimpressed by Bazaar‘s efforts. “It’s pretty generic but I still like it mainly because of Julia’s energy,” Morgane07 reasoned.

“As ever, it’s Bazaar-by-numbers, but given what passes for covers elsewhere, I can’t hate it,” noted tigerrouge.

“I love this, she looks amazing and like she’s genuinely having FUN! Love Julia,” forum member RMDV said.

US Harper's Bazaar November 2018 : Julia Roberts by Alexi Lubomirski


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