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Lila Moss Lands Her First Solo Magazine Cover, for the Magazine Co-Founded by Her Father

After news last month that the mini-me daughter of Kate Moss had become the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty, it was only a matter of time before Lila Moss made an appearance at our local newsstand. The fresh-faced 16-year-old can now add the cover of Dazed to her portfolio as she graces the Winter 2018 issue — and why wouldn’t she? Her father, Jefferson Hack, is the co-founder of the magazine. But the cover of Dazed isn’t exactly Lila’s first major cover appearance, as she once shared the spotlight with Kate on Vogue Italia‘s June 2016 issue. This time around, Lila poses for photographer Tim Walker and is styled by Katy England (Lila’s godmother) in a look from Hedi Slimane’s debut Celine collection.

A whole lot of nepotism? Or did our forum members have a whole lot of love for the cover? “I’m sorry but she looks terrible. When is this nepotism trend going to end?” asked Perickles at once.

“This is nepotism taken to a whole other level. The daughter of the founder of the magazine and a supermodel wearing an outfit made by a friend of both parents,” laughed Lola701.

“At least Kaia [Geber] looks like a model, Moss junior does not. The cover is tragic, please stay in school,” said Fiona3.

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“LOL, everything about this is bad and laughable,” remarked mistress_f.

Benn98 wasn’t exactly here for it, either. “This was supposed to be something a bit more epic. Her first magazine cover as a model. But it’s not and I’m underwhelmed. [David] Sims should’ve shot this because the one shot of her for Another was stunning. Snoozefest,” he voiced.

“It’s cute I guess. A bit bland, considering Tim Walker and Katy England are behind this,” wrote russianelf.

A little too much too soon? Await more from Lila’s Dazed shoot and join the debate here.