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Amanda Bynes Attempts to ‘Break the Internet’ on Paper Magazine’s New Cover

Paper sure knows how to drop the mic when it comes to headline-grabbing covers. Back in August, it had our undivided attention with an Emily Ratajakowski cover and at the start of the year, gave us a beautiful Christina Aguilera offering. But the New York-based indie mag is best known for its infamous and instantly recognizable Kim Kardashian cover from 2014 (and for making Miley Cyrus pose naked while cradling a pig and photographing Kylie Jenner as a cartoon character of herself). Paper‘s latest attempt at breaking the internet just dropped, with a gimmick-free cover featuring a sedate Amanda Bynes, shot by Danielle Levitt.

Paper 'Break the Internet' 2018 : Amanda Bynes by Danielle Levitt


Members of our forums expected to be wowed — but weren’t. “She’s supposed to ‘break the internet’ with a cover and preview which looks like a glorified Glamour filler edit? This is just way too basic to follow in the footsteps of Kim’s infamous Goude shoot. Fashion never really cared for Amanda Bynes, so they needed to have gone the extra mile to show her off in a more edgier and inventive way than this. That lip and hair color looks awful especially with her eyes, and I don’t get the generic TV reporter/FBI agent’ outfit,” Benn98 said.

“What is up with that lip color? She looks like she’s been dead for two days,” chimed in WilliamsLe010919.

“The only way this would ‘break the internet’ is if someone lost their wireless connection while looking at the images,” mocked tigerrouge.

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“Poor Amanda, this doesn’t do her any justice, looks like a Seventeen magazine shoot,” said RMDV.

Jorgepalomo added, “This magazine has become a joke!”

“I honestly don’t like the final result that much. I like the mood of the cover but it is uninteresting. The photos look heavily Photoshopped too. But I’m happy for Amanda Bynes to get a cover! I watched her show when I was a kid so she holds a soft spot in my heart. I hope she is doing better,” commented snejana420.

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