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Newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones Cozy Up on Vogue’s First-Ever Digital Cover

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones are now married, following a lavish wedding ceremony in India, and to make their relationship even more official, the newlyweds take to Vogue‘s first-ever digital cover for January 2019. Receiving the full Vogue treatment, the pair was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the occasion and styled by Tonne Goodman. In the first digital cover (below), Priyanka and Nick were captured on location at Bayonet Farm for a fairly standard portrait image (considering it was captured on Google’s Pixel 3). For the second cover (after the jump), the couple shares an embrace as Nick is seemingly serenading his wife while playing guitar.

Members of our forums certainly weren’t in the mood to celebrate after seeing both covers. “This has to be fake. WTF?” asked Scotty.

“It’s one of the tackiest covers I have ever witnessed. To use a wedding to promote Vogue and themselves is bad taste in my opinion but in this way it’s even worse, it’s just ridiculous,” slammed apple.

“Please tell me that got hacked and this is not for real! What a way to start 2019,” Royal-Galliano wrote.

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“First things first, they are the most random couple ever. Period. There is no fashion here, this looks like a Tumblr fan made thing, soooooo much teenager material that it’s almost offensive,” ranted ghostwrite10549.

Alstore couldn’t believe their eyes either: “The worst I’ve ever seen from Vogue, and I’ve seen a lot of terrible things from Vogue. GIFs? Is the 00s revival going that far? I hate the pop culture 00s revival but I never thought the real fashion world would sink to it. Appalling!”

“Wow, that glittery masthead is… something else. And Google Pixel. And a wedding promotion. It all feels like a really bad midlife crisis,” mocked dodencebt.

In agreement was dior_couture1245: “OMG this is COMICAL! WOW! I cannot even deal with how embarrassing this is for everyone involved!”

A win for Vogue or a decline in standards? Check out more from the cover shoot and join the conversation here.