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There’s No Looking Back for Jennifer Aniston on the January Cover of ELLE

How do you follow a cover subject like Michelle Obama? Nina Garcia has the answer: Jennifer Aniston. Despite a strong track record covering the likes of Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Allure, we’re hardly ever treated to a Jennifer Aniston cover these days (her last notable appearance was InStyle‘s September 2018 issue). Looking fresh-faced on ELLE’s January 2019 newsstand cover (below), the American actress was captured on location in the middle of the Californian desert by Zoey Grossman and styled by Alison Edmond. The alternative cover for subscribers (after the jump) was shot in black and white — with each copy set to be delivered with a personal message from Jen.

US Elle January 2019 : Jennifer Aniston by Zoey Grossman


According to our forum members, however, the covers failed to hit the spot. “Two unflattering covers,” declared mepps, setting the tone for comments to follow.

“Eek, I really wanted this to be great! Even Kendall [Jenner]‘s desert shoot was better than this one. I guess the first cover is the best? But just this once I’d have liked to see a less familiar side to her,” Benn98 chimed in.

“I like everything except Jennifer Aniston. Sorry, but she is boring because she is too average. I find this cover better than InStyle though,” confessed Perickles.

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“Not really sure what Zoey was trying to do here,” added SLFC.

Most definitely not feeling Jen’s cover appearance was A.D.C. “F*ck! Here we go with insufferable single Jen again. I’d fear this would happen. Why couldn’t her marriage last, so we could be spared the ‘don’t pity me pity’ party,” she complained.

“Jennifer has made a decades-long ‘career’ of selling a crafty public image where she combines being a glossy inhabitant of Hollywood with the feeling of being someone’s (twice-divorced) best friend. She’s simultaneously a success and a failure, and people can get with that,” forum member tigerrouge defended.

“Jennifer’s image has a narrative that is very relatable to a lot of people,” echoed ghostwriter10549.

US Elle January 2019 : Jennifer Aniston by Zoey Grossman


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