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Year in Review: The Best (and Worst!) Magazine Covers of 2018

There’s no arguing that 2018 has been an eventful year for the print industry as just about every major fashion glossy struggles to stay afloat amongst the fierce competition. The publications are now under strict budgets as they battle it out each month at the newsstand.

This year, Interview went bust for a hot minute while Vogue Poland and Vogue Czechoslovakia made their highly anticipated debuts (with a Vogue Hong Kong coming in early 2019 too). We witnessed Samantha Barry take over (and ruin) Glamour while watching Nina Garcia blossom at the helm of ELLE, amid constant rumors that Anna Wintour is to exit Vogue. Digital is allegedly kicking print’s behind with both Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue now producing digital covers to coincide with their traditional print schedule (and much to the dismay of our forum members).

And through it all, global fashion magazines endure the intense scrutiny of our forum members as they fiercely dissect the covers on offer — ultimately either winning or losing our seal of approval. It’s now time for us to reflect back on the year in fashion magazines in our annual list of best and worst covers.

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