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tFS Forum Members Are Dragging POP Magazine Over These Hailey Bieber Covers

Hailey Baldwin isn’t letting married life slow down her work flow as she continues to remind everyone she’s here to stay. She was just on the cover of Vogue Arabia for the month of December, is rumored to become an American Vogue cover girl in the near future and now takes to the covers of POP for S/S 2019. In a dramatic departure from the ultra-glam Arabian Vogue cover shoot, Hailey looks as if she was caught on vacation, looking effortless and at ease for photographer Stevie Dance. In the three covers, Hailey kicks back in casual clothing, catches some rays and beams with delight over a cake featuring a photo of herself and husband Justin Bieber — all much to the dismay of our forum members.

Pop #40 S/S 2019 : Hailey Bieber by Stevie Dance


“Fame via your father and now money flowing in from your husband. Gotta keep collecting those surnames! GIRL POWER! #womendoingitforthemselves,” mocked tigerrouge.

“This is so cringe! With all the covers I thought she could get, I’d never come up with POP. The cake, the boy is mine, the phone case, the viva Bieber… are they serious?” asked apple.

“Of course they are,” fired back Marc10. “Because they’re not interested in her, they’re interested in her via him. She has been here for years, comes from the same breed of her Jenner-Hadid pals, and yet no one gave a damn about her. But now… the hottest star on the scene! And of course she’s gonna ride the wave. The whole thing is kinda pathetic.”

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Also not amused by the covers was forum member ghostwriter10549: “It’s funny until you realize how sad this is. This is not cute, it’s sickening if you ask me. Poor girl!”

“Stop. Paying. Attention. To. Either. One. Of. Them. Was social climbing as a Baldwin not enough? The entire focus is on BIEBER here, can’t believe she or anyone would ever settle for that. Viva Bieber? Seriously? This made me throw up in my mouth a bit,” slammed aracic.

Zoom wasn’t here for it, either: “So POP, don’t know why I expected a little more headed into 2019? Miss Baldwin-Beiber has managed to pull off a few mainstream commercial gigs but no matter who shoots her, the high-fashion thing falls flat every time!”

Pop #40 S/S 2019 : Hailey Bieber by Stevie Dance


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